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Where to go with your best friend

Where to go with your best friend

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Most gyms offer at least one yoga class a week, or you can wheree a local yoga studio for something more tailored to your needs. Yoga can be a great way to unwind and relax or can offer a high-power workout depending on the style you go for.


Spend holidays with each other's families.

35 bucket list adventures to go on with your best friend

Order pizza and snuggle up! Cancel 0 1. Luckily, tapas, or small dishes, are found on most menus, so you can have little nibbles of everything the city has to offer, including lots of fresh fish, tomatoes, cheese, potatoes, and bread—aka all the best things!

In New Orleans, this means masked balls, colorful parades, loud music, and beaded necklaces. And boy, are there options!

Text each other outside the big friend group chat to comment on what the others are saying. Unfortunately, it did not bring the proper justice that the country has been demanding for Taylor. Throw A Dinner Party For more sophisticated nights in, why not throw a dinner party? Check out my scrapbook guide here. Take stuff from jour fridge like it's your own.

Compromise by doing it all! Worth the early start, trust me. The streets are so pretty.

1. go shopping – but not the usual kind

Gk you find this post helpful? Whether it be a lookout tower, a yurt, a cliffside tent, or a treehouse, the options are endless. Help curate each other's Insta grids. Play Truth or Dare, and actually do everything you get dared to do.

29 dates to go on with your best friend

Ugly cry while watching The Notebook. Send each other memes you can both relate to. Check out the recipes on my blog here. Go best friend! Experience a wellness retreat together. Cozy up with a hot chocolate, a classic movie or interesting documentary, and spend some quality time with your closest friend.

Ask them to smell you to see if you need to throw more deodorant on. This contains affiliate links.

How many of my suggestions have you ticked off already? World class resorts, mountains and music, and making new friends while skiing makes The Ski Week an incredibly fun time. Since then, there have been rallying efforts both in the streets and on social media demanding justice for Taylor and keeping her name known.

Stay in on a Saturday night binge-watching Netflix, but on Monday tell everyone you went to an amazing party. Go to a zoo. Call their Mom when you can't find them. besr

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Bring a cooler full of snacks and drinks to share with people you meet along the way. Try to remember that having time with them is precious, and should never be taken for granted. Seriously, we would all be totally lost if it weren't for our best friends. Of course, home spas can be pretty fun with your close friends too — grab nail varnishes, coconut oil, and anything else that smells amazing and have fun.

35 bucket list adventures to go on with your best friend

It goes without saying that you're concerned, and therefore, you're allowed to laugh before you help. Pack a bag, chuck it in the boot, and hit the road!

There's no shame between you and your bestie. Treat yourselves to a nice dinner out at a fancy place when one of you gets a Groupon for it.

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Give each other the best pep talks before major life moments. Skiing, surfing… or something more or less adventurous!

Instagram pictures of yourselves and basically make everyone else want to vomit with how adorable you are. You two go way back. And hang them up, even if they look terrible.

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