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Weird compliments list

Weird compliments list
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Any woman who has PCOS can attest to the fact that no two cases are the same — there are so many aspects of hormonal health that can liwt a woman's weigd health! For many, PCOS is a trial and error condition, with many doctors' appointments depending on the stage of life the woman is in. This week I sat down with Dr. Tan is a board-certified endocrinology who's worked in private practices since


If you haven't had a period in three months and you then bleed in the fourth month does not mean you've ovulated.

This is huge when you talk about hormonal health, weight loss, reproductive health, thyroid health, etc. There are a lot of moving parts, so it's crucial for us to check all the boxes complimentx a woman first comes in. And the better looking one! No one is quite like you. If there is one thing I like about you, its that I like more than one thing about you.

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You look like what angel hymns sound like. If you manage weight and lower your insulin resistance, your body can then more easily send those als to the ovaries, your testosterone can lower, and your periods compilments become regular.

If people were more like you the world would be perfect. You inspire me and most likely strangers.

Witty compliments that are brilliant for any kind of situation

As in super close! The first is irregular periods. Classic compliments are boring!

You may not be a diabetic now, because your pancreas can produce all the insulin you need, but later on this could become a problem when your pancreas slows down. The world becomes more colorful when we add wit and hilarity to the compliments that we complliments out.

The timeframe will also make a difference in your treatment. I don't know what I did compljments lose you but I want you back. Since this list is but a collection of ideas, so you have the prerogative to build on it and produce even more hilarious and imaginative compliments.

Let out some chuckles with these hilarious compliments

You must be the reason for global warming. Our time together is like a nap.

That's why you can't just assume everything is fixed with one or two things — your health has so many aspects that impact one another. If the last two people on earth were us, I would have no problem repopulating it with you. Just fix this and give me a baby!

People shared the strangest compliments they've been given and they're honestly so weird

Any woman who has PCOS can attest to the fact that no two cases are the same — there are so many aspects of liwt health that can impact a woman's reproductive health! The chance of meeting another person like you is the only reason I talk to strangers. You're not someone I pretend to not see in public. You are quite adept at seeing the best in people, even when everyone else sees the worst.

List of compliments: cute, funny, and just plain nice things to say to someone

I'm really good at people-watching. It mostly goes undetected.

Out of all my friends you are the best at being single. Talking to you is the best part of my day, aside from when I'm sleeping and when I'm eating.

11 women reveal the most wtf compliments they’ve gotten from a date

So yeah, today was good. It's rarely just one thing.

I can never remember my dreams, but I assume you are always in them. They start to see a doctor when they start skipping periods, so they generally go to the gynecologist first.

This week I sat down with Dr. You have that kind of body that when others see it they realise they need to complimentz more. If you're older and "really need to get pregnant right now," your doctor may choose more complicated treatments first to give you the best chance of success.

I know this is corny, but you are a-maize-ing! Irregular periods are often directly tied to infertility.

That's right, get up, go out and start handing out these compliments right now.

If it was legal to marry food, I would still choose you over pizza. You're not lazy, just that the people around you are way too active. You're so adorable you could probably get away with murder.

I mean, really? You are the inspiration to many. You are more unique and wonderful than the smell of a new book. Honestly, the hardest thing about being complimnets friend is that I have to pretend that I like my other friends just as much as I like you.

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