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Watching my parents fuck

Watching my parents fuck

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Mom was standing along side the bed and dad was sitting on it. Not only in build but in the size of their cocks. She had a great figure. My dad was a good looking guy but my mom was unreal.

When he joked with me and said, you know where you would look better. I know he wants to, the way he looks at you when we are with him.

Dad was humping up into mom like a crazy man and mom was almost yelling, yes Tom, give it to me, fuck me good. Are you sure he will be the only one with us at dinner, mom warching His answer was, on top of me.

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Then he said, your going to drive my boss crazy tonight and maybe he will give me that raise he has been talking about. I was under the covers when mom opened my door and looked in on me.

Tell you wifey what you would like her to do. The way he touches you when he thinks I am not looking. I love to watch you taking some other mans cock in your cunt and hearing you moan with so much pleasure.

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His mouth on your tits then licking your juice from your cunt. As soon as I pulled a couple of the photos out I got the shock of my life. Dad pulled back and said, damn Betty you are the sexiest woman alive and I love watching you.

God, I want to see his cock touching your puffy pussy lips as he tries to push himself into you. Just before she put him in her mouth she said, talk to me wattching. Mom comes up looks at dad and says, you should hear some of the things he has said to me honey. I started paying closer attention to what mom and dad were talking about and how they acted.

I could hear my dad in the back ground telling mom to take it all. She turned to my dad and said, he must have been tired, he is sound asleep. They talked about the cloths mom should put on, Weatherby MO housewives personals places they were going and what they were planning to do when they went out. Paarents slowly opened my door and began to walk to their bedroom door.

Watching my parents fuck

She put her legs on the outside of d and took his cock into her hands. I agree with the Conditions. Tom is my grandfathers name. Like this, she said?

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Plus he is always looking up my skirts and putting his hand on my butt. I knew mom and dad would be home soon so I put things back before they caught me. Mom stopped sucking and put her hand around his cock and stroked him real slow.

I saw a shoe box kind of hidden behind other boxes, so I took it down. I pushed play and there was mom in one of her short skirts and a button down tight sweater. He would tell the guys to fuck her good for him.

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The one that really paremts to me was one of her taking on two big black dudes, and I mean big. Not yet Billy, I want to hear more first. He was squeezing them and pulling the bra down until her nipples were showing. On this one Sat. I told them I felt kind of tired and was going to bed early. Watchinb mom sucking his cock dad leaned back and looked up at the ceiling.

Looking at other photos showed mom being eaten or getting fucked by some strange guy. It feels so good Billy when I know your there watching me. One Thrusday night after dinner mom and dad had been drinking a bit and dad said he wanted to talk to mom in their room. There was a lot more film of mom and dad talking before they went out.

Watching my parents fuck porn videos

Damn Betty you have the best looking pussy ever, I heard dad say in the background. That gave me a hard on real quick. When they went out mom always looked perfect.

Mom stood up and took the rest of her cloths off. I just hope I am around when they let grandpa fuck my mother.

Mom shut my door and I heard them datching for their room. Yes No Dear Guest, to get access to the Paradise Hill extra features you need to register or Close Are you sure you want to delete the comment? I made it back to my bedroom exhausted. Um, well let me see honey, mom asked.

I was even having thoughts about her.

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