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Nerd valentines day

Nerd valentines day

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Not your original work? Add source There's this bizarre idea that geeks and nerds have a hard time communicating with their love interests, but that might just be because not everyone understands the obscure references they use in greeting cards. These creative Valentine's Day cards will show Brownsville social sex network just how quirky or even romantic a geeky message can be! Nerdy references in Valentine cards can seem like a foreign language to the uninitiated, but that's exactly what can make them so endearing and even intimate. A love card like this, from the heart of one Harry Potter or Minecraft fan to another, is an expression of not just love, but friendship, understanding, and like-mindedness as well.


21 nerdy valentine’s day gifts for +10 charisma

Valentinrs for a husband and wife duo, this matching set feature a cute blurb that would even get Moaning Myrtle smiling. How cool is that?! You can see the craters on the moon clearly, the stand is solid enough for being travel ready, and it is easily focused.

They celebrate some of the finest minds the scientific world has ever seen, including Albert Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton, and Marie Curie. It can get annoying.

Top 5 nerdy valentine's day gifts:

A telescope for stargazing dates that'll go over great whether bae is into astronomy or astrology. Not your original work? There's even multiple video unboxings online.

Between wildlife, the moon, and future lunar eclipses, this is exactly what we thought we would getting. The watch itself measures an approximate 2. It's nice to see REAL engraving rather than the painted on frosted finish that is of questionable durability at best.

The best part? All in all, this bag is perfect for the dog lover in your life, or for our amazing boss…?

Best valentines gift ideas for him of

I am wonderfully excited about this product and the vaoentines gift included. If your sweetie is into Star Wars and making their friends jealous, then this gift is perfect! This camera is the first is 20 years to be built using the Polaroid format, so your photos will have a nostalgic feel. A Bulbasaur planter because they'll always be your Critical Hit Mug with Lid Many self-confessed geeks out there will play role playing games in their spare time.

A book cover pouch perfect for anyone who's always had a healthy appreciation for wet Colin Firth coming out of the lake or Keira Knightley walking across the moors in that coat.

Valentined works in a lab and loves this stuff. Get it? If you saw this come up on your computer screen, you knew that your computer needed a lot of TLC if it was ever going to work again.

50 best valentine’s day gifts for boyfriends

If your ificant other is a fan of this amazing franchise, this DIY Kyber crystal worn by Jyn Erso in the film Rogue One will be a welcome addition to her jewelry collection. Covered with various formulas, symbols and equations, it will even keep him amused on his commute to work as he discovers what exactly is written on this silk tie.

Confuse everyone around you with this watch which displays the time using binary code. Well, not anymore.

24 geeky valentine's day gifts your partner will love

A pair of Game of Thrones wine glasses that are sure to get some good use as you watch the final season. Prices Vary Square Off Chess Set One of the problems with learning how to play chess is that you always need an opponent to play against.

Amazon, amazon. I ordered the 'I love you I'd recommend rolling into a tray or merd a tower or something though because the metal corners could potentially put dents in a wooden table.

They come with a cute little out of print tag that adds to their charm as gifts. This has been scientifically proven because we only want the best for you. Cute, right? Also, don't forget to vote for these funny Valentine's cards! Pretty cool, right?

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vqlentines A set of metal dice so pretty they're sure to enchant bards, dragonborns, and clerics alike. Highly recommended, and I will probably be ordering a few different sets of these to use as gifts for my players in the future. Useless trivia can come in handy at any time, so this game will help you learn while having fun. Plug R2-D2 into the wall and let this popular droid take over.

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