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Hot pakistani men

Hot pakistani men
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Shape Yes, this is a proclamation that comes straight from the women themselves, in a manner of speaking. Miss Travel, a destination dating site has curated yot list of the world's sexiest people, and here's the sad part, Indian men didn't even make it to the list. But Pakistani men did.


Here’s why pakistani men are the world’s third sexiest

We have recently discovered how many of them are there, thanks to Pakistani serials now being aired in India. It also shows how we humans, across borders, strongly associate hotness to physical appearance alone. Fans affectionately call him the Pakistani Orlando Bloom. Images via Twimg Emmad Irfani: Who can resist those dark eyes, especially when he looks all serious.

It doesn't strike us at first because everything is so "positive here".

Is the pakistani man 'hot' because he's a chaiwala?

Or was it the elitism and classism of social media users — the fact that he is, after all, an uneducated, simple tea-seller doing his job? What happened here is, in the most subtle words, violation of someone's privacy and mere objectification of a man.

Miss Travel, a destination dating site has curated a list of the world's sexiest people, and here's the sad part, Indian men didn't even make it to the list. Fawad Khan: Does one really need to say why Fawad Khan figures at the top of this list?

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Writer The writer is an engineer turned marketer turned journalist who believes that powerful words can change the world. Aatif Aslam: This Paki singer has a voice to-die-for, which alone is enough to turn us women into simpering misses. Gender bias and inherent hypocrisy The whole episode also tells us how hypocritical we are and how gender discrimination and pakkstani bias is so deeply rooted in our minds.

If you are still surprised by this survey, check out these hot Pakistani men sizzling across the border. The survey that was taken by over 1,10, Americans, concluded that Hhot men are the sexiest in the world. Images via The Better India Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi: We rave so much about our tennis players, yet we haven't so far given a glance to this super good-looking tennis player who could actually have done modelling, full time.

Wake up! We told the world that he is hot.

He is a keen football player and would have rather made it his career. Tinder age, this truly is.

By the end of this article, we hpt that you will feel the same way as we do. Did Arshad come to each one us with a placard saying "I am hot"? The fact that he managed to woo the beautiful Ayeza Khan into marriage says a lot about his charming skills, doesn't it?

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His look still remains rugged, but even that cannot hide the sharpness of his features. When not at work, could be Women want sex tonight Pineland travelling, exploring the world through a DSLR. What say? Shape Yes, this is a proclamation that comes straight from the women themselves, in a manner of speaking. For clicking a photo and posting it online of a person ,en possibly never come to know that he is doing it.

PakistanSocial GotViral Image The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of DailyO.

His role in Aunn Zara won him the love of his fans. But Pakistani men did. Plus, he does have a sweet smile.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

He was considered as the prince of pop in Pakistan and also voted as the 'Sexiest Asian Man on the Planet' based on a worldwide poll by the British newspaper Eastern Eye in Hubba Hubba, brains and brawns too! But surprisingly so, they chose Pakistanis over Indians, and put them on three in the list. The writers are horny girls in armadale responsible for any claims arising out of the contents of this article.

Add to that a decent face, and this man is one hawwt package.

Open to opinion

Arshad, a tea vendor, was possibly clicked without his permission maybe Jiah showed him the photos after clicking itand his photos were pakisyani posted online without his consent. Would he not have been slammed by people across the globe for objectifying a woman? Images via trends4ever Osman Butt: This handsome man is not just an actor, but also a journalist, director and writer.

If you shut down the voices in your head and listen carefully, you will be able to hear the delirious screams of a million girls - his fandom - who promptly swoon after screaming. Why is there a sharp contrast when the basic issue — of objectification of a human being — remains the same but the gender is different? He is handsome to say the least. Forced into modelling by his aunt, Emmad became an overnight heartthrob.

Hot , hairy and pakistani men

But before his foray into Bollywood, Ali Zafar gained his popularity due to his singing. We told him that he is hot. But we just haven't been able to get past those light, lakistani eyes and the effortless good looks he portrays.

What if a male photographer had captured the photo of a woman, say a fish vendor, without her consent or even with her consentand what if he had posted her photo online pakistni she is stunningly hot? Like DailyO Facebook to know what's trending. Aisam is the only Pakistani player to have reached the finals of a Grand Slam.

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