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High maintenance relationships

High maintenance relationships

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By Dr. Margaret Paul September 08, Are you in a high maintenance relationship? Discover various forms of high maintenance and how you may be participating in this dysfunctional relationship.


At first she had no problem supporting Anthony in his passion, but within a couple of years, Anthony had stopped looking for acting jobs and was living high off of Olivia's salary. However, if you relationnships yourself texting your partner every second of the day—and requiring an immediate response every time—you might be demanding too much of them.

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You know, folks who love their deer clothesare picky about where they eat, and always want to be the center of attention. By extension, perhaps this is why our pets are so important for our health? According to Ihgh Cooka doctoral candidate in clinical psychology and author of The Sunny Side Up: Celebrating Happinesshigh-maintenance individuals "have a really difficult time adjusting to the unexpected… and will often pout, guilt, or shame their partner for a schedule switch-up, even if no one is at fault.

She is constantly judging Alex for not making enough money, even though Alex does very well. Dr.

How high-maintenance relationships affect your psyche

As the Partner If you have a malntenance who is high maintenance, you need to realize that you, too, are not taking responsibility for your own feelings. Brad uses his wife and sex to take away the pain that he is causing by his own self-abandonment. Brad is sexually and emotionally high maintenance.

If that grinds on you, you might be high-maintenance. So when it comes to going out, dive bars, diners, picnics, and strolls through the park are a no-go—and you would never be caught dead camping. When he is busy with work or his hobbies, she calls him incessantly, whining about when he is going to have time for her.

At least a couple of times a week, she insists they talk about their relationship and proceeds to blame him for her unhappiness. Emotional High Maintenance When a person takes no responsibility for their own feelings of safety, security, worth, lovability, wellbeing or happiness, they are high maintenance.

That's life, right? Shutterstock Having your own friends and interests is essential to any healthy relationship.

High maintenance relationships

When her husband, Alex, refused to buy her a bigger house, she became enraged and threatened divorce. We've all asked these questions.

In these situations, we ruin the diet, give up on difficult chores, and let our co-workers or partners have it! Shutterstock Do you always need to have the last word on everything in your relationship? Elizabeth wants constant approval, attention and affection from her husband, William.

High-maintenance relationships

Like our muscles, our ability to exert self-control can be depleted when taxed too much. While he does a bit of stereotyping with his Shutterstock A thoughtful partner expresses their love in a multitude of ways, both big and small. To view it. Spoiler alert: You may be high-maintenance.

When Olivia consulted me for counseling, she was thinking about divorce. Parrot knows many; he divides them into 15 Critic, Martyr, Steamroller, Wet Blanket, Sponge, Chameleon, and moredefines them, and offers advice What can you do relationhips this? Discover various forms of high maintenance and how you may be participating in this dysfunctional relationship.

Elizabeth is emotionally high maintenance. Relationships require comprise—and that means you should be willing to commute a little extra or carry an overnight bag at least as many days of the week as your partner does.

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Anthony was constantly demanding more and more money for the relatiosnhips he felt he needed to be happy - and to cover up the deep insecurity that resulted from his inner abandonment. Therefore, my second piece of advice is to make sure you have many sources for low-maintenance interaction.

To help you know where you stand, we've rounded up all of the s you might be a high-maintenance partner. Chloe grew up getting a lot of attention for her looks, which she now sees as her value. Put simply, if the words "I'm sorry" haven't slipped through your lips in awhile, you might want to consider why. And for more advice on how to maintain a healthy, long-lasting relationship, check out these 40 Old-Fashioned Relationship Pussy sex Trenton, Ontario That Still Apply Today.

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At that point, your obsession with keeping up with the Joneses has gone a bit too far. If the kids are too noisy or the house isn't in order, he blows up at his wife, Sophia. And when it does, how do you typically cope?

Anthony is financially high maintenance. Bess - Christianbook.

See a problem?

These researchers show that you can vary both the high-maintenance interaction e. Single-ply toilet paper?! But once you get into the habit of nit-picking your partner's outfits and behaviors, that means your high-maintenance attitude is leading you to unfairly hold your partner to the same impossible standards that you hold yourself to. Shutterstock Cell phones are great in that they allow you to reach your partner in case of emergency or notify them about any last-minute changes of plans.

Shutterstock If you find yourself unwilling to spend time at your ificant other's pad, you might be a high-maintenance partner.

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