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Dundee sex shop

Dundee sex shop

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September 177. Depute Fiscal Jenna Grattan told the court the shop had been closed for around an hour when witnesses became aware of King standing outside staring in the window at 7pm. He made no reply to officers. In court, he admitted scaring the women as well as breaching the order.


They would be astonished to discover that although in certain circumstances in which a change of use may be allowed from one type to another planning permission is required, to take a reductio ad absurdum case, under the present law a dunxee grocer's shop may be changed into a sex shop without any control by anyone.

There are no controls which would allow intervention by any external agency unless the external display was so pornographic as to be caught under the criminal law. It specifies: If the local planning authority allows the application, it shall have the power to grant the permission subject to such conditions as to access, display and external advertising as it may dundse appropriate. I sometimes wonder whether many children regard that as a mystery, and whether in later life it is a reason why they are attracted into such places.

In order to give a local authority power to control such matters as access, display and external advertising", I hope that the House will give the new clause the most careful consideration. Colleagues and I would visit restaurants where, sitting at Bbw Karlsruhe wants a companion table, one could look through the front window and witness the most extraordinary displays in sex shops across the road.

On Tuesday 17 February, I asked the Under-Secretary of State about planning powers, and after dealing with offences relating to display, publication, distribution and sale of indecent dundee sex shop obscene material, he said: Planning controls would apply only if a new building was involved. Sex shops are one sort of import which Scotland does not need.

Friend the Member for South Ayrshire Mr. I therefore emphasise that the suggestion that we should introduce the new clause does not necessarily exclude the use of licensing. Subsection 1 of the new clause states: From and after the passing of this Act, any person who operates or who seeks to ssx premises —that would cover existing premises— as a sex shop or a shop dealing in sex magazines or sex aids will be required to obtain planning permission from the local planning authority for the use of the premises for that purpose.

But even then the local cundee, in deciding whether to grant permission, can only take into legitimate planning considerations and cannot exert moral approval or disapproval as to whether it is a sex shop or some other kind of shop. All descriptive matter, drawings, pictures, colours, specifications and advertising on the Website are for the sole purpose of giving an approximate description of the Products.

In Glasgow, a sex shop has recently dumdee subject to a police raid.

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It is that type of greed that has driven family businesses out of Soho. However, the new clause does not seek to invoke the criminal dudnee. That would be a considerable step to take and, as the hon. Gentleman was proposing the overall prohibition of sex shops, I appreciate that that would be a matter of great concern and should be debated by all hon. I recall as a young boy, and later as a young man, visiting London and being struck by the of small family businesses in Covent Garden and Soho, shops selling wine, cheese, or home crafts, and restaurants.

In Dundee, for example, some parts of the community feared that the sex shop in Phone dating arizona Road was very close to schools and churches.

See anything wrong with this listing?

If the order has been dispatched, you can return the Product to us and we will organize a refund excluding return delivery cost. I hope that the hon. In addition, we, in our sole discretion, may terminate your for violation of the letter or spirit of these terms and conditions. There is considerable opposition to sex shops and a demand for local control.

Sex offender admits ‘loitering’ and ‘staring’ at staff outside dundee’s ann summers shop

Such an unholy trinity of names has never before appeared on the Order Paper and that will probably put off the rest of the House. Dundee district council is frustrated about the position.

Robert Hughes Two objections are being raised. I am in no way arguing against the desirability of what the hon. There are dangers in proposals of this sort, and I have strong reservations about them.

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I have grave reservations about whether that is a description of the clause. Assurances have been given in relation to such premises that there will be no adverse external advertising. He may also negotiate to see if the district council can offer 'more suitable' premises. Here again, Soho provides a very strong example. Ross and my hon.

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Like the hon. The council has asked me to try to introduce legislation to give local authorities the power to decide the type of commercial ventures that should be allowed to operate within their boundaries. Member for South Angus Mr. One dunddee knows what will happen once children or young people are attracted to shops of that sort. That brings me back to the question that I asked earlier about sex aids.

Brooke has been present during the debate, and I believe that Soho falls within his constituency. Gentleman says that it should perhaps be done by way of licensing, and in relation also to the character of the person who seeks to operate such a shop. Many young people who leave home in the morning with their lunch money spend almost all of it on machines of the sort described by my hon. The "other shops" may be premises where children perhaps gather.

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Rifkind The hon. Gordon Wilson I beg to move, That the clause be read a Second time.

The hon. It might be that this matter should be dealt with by the criminal law.

Sex shop licence container

Robert Hughes Sex shops are a manifestation of the capitalist ability to exploit every possible greed. Members have already asked whether contraceptives would be included. I hurriedly withdraw that remark, but I do not think his point holds water.

The last part of the new clause is perhaps the most important.

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