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Couple massage bangkok

Couple massage bangkok
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Traveling to Bangkok? In this post, I will share the details of our couple massage in Bangkok experience, including information on how to book this treatment. Most importantly, this is a legitimate massage, and bangokk of the best things to do as a couple in Bangkok.


After a new pair of spa panties, we laid back down on the tables for a wrap. And, therein lies the problem.

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The spa receptionist walked us through our choices for our 3 hour and 45 minute couples spa day in Bangkok, including scrub, wrap, and facial. I politely asked to see the ladies first. Either way, at masage end of a Thai massage, I feel, remarkably, relaxed. After several really good Thai massages at Dahra Spa in Bangkok, though, I realized it was time to start requesting medium.

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When I mentioned this later to Eric he just smiled and shrugged his shoulders. Our friend once called many of these massage parlors to be perfect for a good slap around, but they do not offer great quality or even clean facilities. With her gorgeous body working on top of me cowgirl style and that beautiful face I popped in a few minutes. We each put on the little spa panties, and they were, honestly, the best spa panties I ever used.

Yes, Bangkok massage prices can be super cheap. The room was clean with no funky smells and no scary mildew on the walls. Her English is minimal at best but was relieved when I spoke Thai to her.

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It took some time. We are just not like that. Our only photo, in the end, a little blissed out and with sleepy eyes. While working gently up and down my shaft.

I used to always ask for hard. I felt as though I would have turned into a fried chicken if I walked out in the Bangkok sun with all of that oil. For couplr, Dahra Spa was perfect, because we had some lovely spa treatments, and had fun and laughs.

Best couple massage bangkok can offer – bangkok massage guide

It was our local Bangkok massage spot. We both smelled fabulous after the therapists spent a good amount of time rubbing the scrubs all over our bodies. Because there are a few hot looking Thai massage girls working for them. I was not sure what to expect. Eric fell asleep as well and I could hear a light snore coming from his massage table just as I woke up. This temple is lit up and has a glistening reflection off the river as soon as the sun sets.

My 90 minutes was up after having fun in different positions. Why not take your romantic evening to the next Woman wants sex tonight Corinth, however, by having dinner while floating ciuple the river?

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Sometimes they are so bad you could bangjok up hurting yourself. One of my rules is to play it cool and wait. She is hot.

She asked if she could go in. I was greeted by a polite mamasan and was shown the menu with list of services and asked to pick a service.

How should you dress? Because Bangkok Passion is one of five other happy ending massage shops by the same owner on Sukhumvit bangkoi I thought this was a good idea after our evening out with friends. I bent my knees to release my back, which distorted the blanket and wrap, and like a butterfly from a cocoon, I sort of exploded myself out of the wrap.

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We each laid down on plastic wrap covered tables, Dexter style, and they started to rub the product all over. After our third shower of the spa day, and back into our street clothes, we were escorted downstairs to the facial room.

She replied as much as I wanted and giggled. I do know there are a certain segment of sex tourists coming to Bangkok with a preference for fat women. The choices were diverse, and we walked through the choices with the receptionist based on our skin types, the fact that we were hungover.

It was like I opened the floodgates of movement, resulting in a freak out of sorts. Always persist to see the ladies first. They pulled the sides of bangko, plastic wrap over us and placed another layer on the top.

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Yet, despite that, I do always feel better after. Their rooftop bar offers a view over Bangkok that cannot be found anywhere else. Talk about a monopoly. She was kidding of course and said customers at Bangkok Passion Massage get two shots.

She focused mainly on my thighs and ass and applying feather light touches to my balls and ass. Traveling to Bangkok? Shockingly so, because a Thai massage is not as inherently relaxing as a western oil massage. A lot of happy ending massage shops bangkpk oil massage lotion and that stuff is hard to wash off your balls. After I just had to rinse the oil off.

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