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Cocaine drug forum

Cocaine drug forum
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This is a safe, nonjudgmental environment. The views, information, or opinions expressed by those posting on the forum are solely those of the individual users and do not necessarily represent those of Adfam.


It's about time some one did.!!!!!!!!!!! Type 'em in here and we'll post up the best. The drugs section has a very real perspective on using.

I docaine ecstasy just about every weekend and go clubbing or to raves. Keep up the good work, and for the sake of life, use well. Ya have to regain ya strength.

It drew me in, I have never read anything so precise and "To the Point". For instance, other s forim all the side affects and not the experiences. Carol E. Nowadays, meth isn't just in the gay or biker communities anymore.

Drugs, alcohol and mental health

Bergur Hallgrimsson I just wanted to say it's refreshing to finally see some honest info on a subject cocaiine it so often construed and and manipulated by the government and media. Do keep up the good work. Thanks so much for a caring, educatedit's truly one of a kind. Thank you so much for creating them.

She was miserable and talked about killing herself. God Bless the UK. Most people know of certain drugs but are not sure what the effects are or health risks etc. Very comprehensive, very well laid-out.

Our current work has laid the foundation for a better understanding of cocaine dependence and why this compulsion occurs. I'm going to start bringing salt packets in my pocket to slip in my water when I go. SuZyQ Wish more people came to this site, the amount of drug-related deaths would probably decrease by a long shot. People addicted to cocaine feel an overwhelming, uncontrollable need for the drug, even in the face of aversive consequences. I think this is a great place to find information about drugs!

I know that ddrug my older experienced pals to look out for me, I would have been badly hurt, arrested, raped among other things, during my first trips. Knowledge building is also fostered through the provision of a dedicated framework that allows discussions detailing examples of cocaine seizures involving trans-regional criminal networks. Hats off!

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Anyway, thanx for the great site and stuff Anna platone prontomail. Tina mariepetri hotmail. I have been hearing that while smoking cannibis will produce the euphoric effect and relaxation, as well as the munchies, on the other hand, that eating it both in a food like brownies or pasta sauce, or just downing it plain will produce different effects.

This way it will be very effective when a few of my friends read this. Firum if you feel safe around someone, and think you could benefit fogum one to one conversations, please do not post contact details or ask somebody for theirs. Never share personal contact forun It is very important that no personal information is disclosed on this forum. I was kinda freaked out, y'know, uninformed - thanks a Discrete sex South Plainfield nc for providing the right info, not all that bullshit I get from counselors and television.

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Why are those fora important? The views, information, or opinions expressed by those posting on the forum are solely those of the individual users and do not necessarily represent those of Adfam. Well, I've never even smoked a cigarette, let alone taken drugs, but your drug information is excellent. Another girl got high at the same time on illegal drugs, and wandered off school grounds. All other websites just trash drugs without telling you what they do or how they're used.

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You guys are life savers!! I'm going to recommend these s to the anti-drug group at my school. If you're into the "oh-yeah-man-this-is-kewl" stuff and want to try something a bit "on the limit" then get some Ladies seeking sex Conde South Dakota or something that you can actually USE. Just as useage booklets were distributed with the first ecstasy tablets, web-sites like this show that there is a way to educate in a calm and understandable way I agree with your opening statement regarding simply informing and allowing people to make their own decisions.

It truly should be the people's choice whether to take drugs gorum not. Ersche added: "People with cocaine dependence describe their out-of-control drug use as a 'compulsion' to use cocaine.

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Most users usually have no idea about the strength or purity of the stuff, or even whether the substance they bought from the lowlife dope peddler is what he or she says it is. If u were profit making I'd ask for a career!

And can you give us some links where I can find out more about the drug scene here in America? I use speed every now and then when I go clubbin'.

I am sure that someone is reading the information on this site and durg educated about the reality of drugs. Sam DUDE. No getting up on your high horses. Just reading your on drugs, writing because I found your the most informing. The wealth of knowledge I have take from your site, I covaine shared with friends who've been raving years. Its becoming wildly popular here in the states, especially among young people, most of which are too ignorant or just don't give a shit to use it resonsibly.

I think that pointing out the realities without slamming on someone is the best approach that can be made.

It is nice to see a that truly cares enough to give open-minded facts and not short 'just say no' messages.

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